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Get to know more about the Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observers Debreifers

Pre-requisites to Becoming a Certified Debriefer

To become a certified PIRFO Debriefer a candidate must first have served as a certified PIRFO Observer or met as a minimum the observer standards required by the Certification Management Committee (CMC) of PIRFO to be an observer.

The observer then provides evidence to the CMC of PIRFO that they meet the prerequisites outlined below including nomination by a national or regional observer program manager or coordinator to undertake the PIRFO Debriefer Certification process. The observer will then commence a three part competency based training (CBT) program as a Trainee Debriefer, combining workshop training and on the job experience.

Once the Trainee Debriefer has successfully completed all the steps outlined they will be certified as a PIRFO Debriefer by the Certification Management Committee of PIRFO and can undertake debriefings of observers approved under the PIRFO framework.
To apply to undertake the debriefer certification training program in particular gear type observers will need to have the following prerequisites:

  1. Be a fully certified PIRFO observer in one or more of the following gear types: purse seine long line pole and line

  2. Have minimum sea-time experience with that gear type:
    Table one
  3. Have undertaken a minimum number of observer trips with that gear type from which near perfect data (under current PIRFO guidelines) has been completed:
    Table 2
  4. Provide a written recommendation from an Observer Coordinator or an Observer Manager, for which the observer has completed at least three trips on any gear type, that the observer has good communication skills, has the motivation to provide good and honest advice to colleagues, and is likely to continue with observer-related work.

  5. Have at least one other referee confirm that the applicant is of good character and has the communication skills and motivation to provide good and honest advice to their colleagues. This other referee could be an Observer manager or Coordinator from another programme (perhaps regional programme) with which the observer has worked, an observer trainer, other senior fisheries staff member with which the observer has worked, or similar person.